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{SPECIAL PRICE} Ladybug Land™ Growing Kit

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A family and classroom favorite, Insect Lore's Original Ladybug Land With Voucher is the only ladybug growing kit available! Ladybug Land provides a fascinating learning experience for ages 4 and up - and yes, ladybug larvae really do look like little alligators! Your larvae will get to work, busily eating, drinking, molting, and exploring the ladybug landscape. Once they've eaten their fill, they'll find a comfortable spot in their habitat to pupate and begin the exciting change from larvae to adult ladybug. This educational kit includes a voucher to redeem online when you are ready to receive your ladybug larvae. When you know you are ready to begin your project, simply redeem your voucher online at Your tube of 10 to 12 ladybug larvae will arrive at your door within a few days (see below for shipment location restrictions). Includes: • Attractive diorama style habitat • Original Ladybug Land Instruction Guide • Built-in magnifying lid so you can watch your ladybugs' every move • Water reservoir "volcano" provides a watering area for your ladybugs • Watering Dropper • Voucher to redeem online at for 10 to 13 ladybug larvae and all the food they need to grow into adult ladybugs (a shipping and handling fee is required upon redemption) The Original Ladybug Land With Voucher is easy to clean and reuse. You can restock your habitat with the Ladybug Larvae Refill. *Please note: Due to insect shipping restrictions, this item cannot be shipped to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Mexico or Canada.