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Sort Em' Up Pups Activity Set

It's a pooch sorting party, and you're invited! Kids build early preschool sorting and critical thinking skills as they sort and match the colorful dogs found in the Sort-'Em-Up Pups! set from Learning Resources. Look closely at these friendly little dogs, and you'll see that no two pups are alike—each of the set's 36 toy dogs has a different combination of sizes, colors, spots, and more, so kids can sort them by 6 different attributes! Sort them together into the included fences by ear shape, nose color, and more! In addition to building preschool sorting skills, the Sort-'Em-Up Pups! set also comes with a dog house that's ready for imaginative fun with other play figures around the house. Best of all: when playtime is over, all of the set's pieces store inside the dog house for easy clean-up!

Key Features :

i : BUILD preschool sorting and matching skills with these fun puppy pals!
ii : 36 TOY DOGS each include unique attributes!
iii : SORT by 6 different attributes— color, ear shape, spots, and more!
iv : STORE pieces inside the dog house for easy clean-up!
v : AGES 3+