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Social-Emotional Learning: Lessons for Developing Decision-Making Skills, Grade 2-3

These books are designed to help students develop a strong set of social and emotional skills. Students are asked to read, think, and respond to a variety of reading passages that contain character-building scenarios. 128 pages. Each of the 15 units includes: • a 3-page reading passage addressing a different aspect of character development, such as honesty, fairness, respect, and responsibility • thought-provoking questions for teacher-guided discussions • 5 reading comprehension questions • 4 different writing activities to gauge understanding of concepts

Key Features :

i : Helps students develop social-emotional skills using situational reading passages and related activities
ii : Includes writing activities that encourage students to use critical-thinking and decision-making skills
iii : Provides thought-provoking questions and discussion opportunities for all students
iv : Supports SEL instruction in the classroom