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Smart Start Sight Words & High-Frequency Words, Grade PreK

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Accelerate children's reading skills by helping them learn to read sight words and high-frequency words! The ability to read sight words and high-frequency words is necessary for fluent reading and is one of the most important components of language learning! Since many sight words and high-frequency words are not phonetic, children need repeated practice to recognize these words on sight. The stories and activities in this book help children read Dolch Sight Words and high-frequency words quickly and accurately. Each full-color Smart Start: Sight Words and High-Frequency Words activity book guides young children in practicing and learning important sight words from the Dolch Sight Word List as well as the most commonly used high-frequency words. Smart Start: Sight Words and High-Frequency Words: • Provides strong reading foundations: 18 units build high-frequency and sight word identification and increase reading fluency. • Creative and fun lessons: Entertain your child while he or she learns important foundational reading tools. • Reward stickers: Motivate your child to complete the activities. • Audio stories: Provide an option to listen to the audio story with your child and model correct pronunciation. Each unit's story provides specific practice of carefully chosen words children have practiced and learned in previous units. Each unit provides structured activities to help children practice and learn "must-know" sight words and high-frequency words. The carefully controlled vocabulary within each unit provides: • Learn New Words: Introduction to new words • Practice New Words: Practice activities to reinforce children's learning • Story: Audio read-aloud story to model fluency • Review: Word-list practice sliders to help children review words at any time Get reading for kindergarten and practice early reading sight word skills such as: • Sight Words and High-Frequency Words: A, a, find, I, little, see, two, you, can, help, in, look, me, the, up, away, big, come, down, go, not • Story Vocabulary: baby, feet, apple, tree, bird, dog, ball, box, car Perfect for language learners and early learners, these activities provide a strong foundation for reading and recognizing common English words. Pair Smart Start: Sight Words and High-Frequency Words with Smart Start: Read and Write and turn your child into a successful reader. Check out Smart Start: STEM activity books for fun hands-on projects that develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Includes answer key.