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Mini Posters: The Scientific Method Poster Set

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Reinforce the steps of the scientific method with Carson Dellosa Science Posters. A great tool for both homeschool and classroom décor, each of the science posters measure 11 inches x 8-1/2 inches—the perfect size for bulletin board, cork board, white board, and wall décor. The poster set includes 12 educational posters covering each step of the scientific method to reinforce important science skills. The posters are the perfect addition to science décor, and are great visuals that can be displayed year-round to reinforce each of the scientific method steps in an easy-to-understand way.

Key Features :

i : Colorful and easy-to-understand posters describe the steps of the scientific method and encourage exploration
ii : Perfect to decorate a science center or to complement other science-related decor
iii : Use together to create a large display or separately to create several small displays
iv : Durable and reusable