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Literary Text Grade 3 Readers Set 2 10-Book Set

Inspire a love of reading with colorfully illustrated short chapter books! These fiction storybooks contain high-interest text, vibrant illustrations, diverse characters, and a variety of genres to keep children engaged. Ideal for story time at home or in the classroom, each book in this set features grade-appropriate vocabulary and sentence structures to support early childhood literacy development. The fiction titles in this 10-book collection include: I Woke Up with a Superpower; Treasure Hunt in the City; Derby Dilemma; The White Owl; Cupcake Conundrum; Monterey Bay; Arty's Adventures to the Stars; Big Dreams; The Dog Who Changed History; and So You Think You Can Run?

Key Features :

i : Leveled fiction books with beautiful illustrations
ii : Build fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills
iii : Challenge kids with a variety of genres
iv : Capture kids' attention with fun and diverse characters