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Kinder Mat 1 X 19 X 45

KinderMats 1" Basic Mats are made in the USA with a high-quality foam to ensure comfortability. The red/blue durable 5 mil vinyl is water resistant and easy to clean as well as disinfect with warm soapy water. An added touch to this mat, the gray binding provides extra strength and durability on the edges. This mat is the perfect option for school, daycare, traveling or home. With four sections and a tri-fold to 11" x 19", it's perfect for cubbies! Mats are individually packaged in a poly bag. Measurement of 1" x 19" x 45". Features: • Durable 5 mil vinyl covering with gray binding • Red/blue combination • 1" x 19" x 45" • Four sections, with a tri-fold to 11" x 19" • Easy to clean, individually packaged

Key Features :

Measures 45" x 19" and 1" thickTough 5-mil vinyl covering, with gray bindingRed/Blue color combinationEasy cleaning with warm soapy water