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Interactive Notebook: Economics and Money, Grade 5-8

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Mark Twain's Economics and Money Interactive Notebook helps 5th-8th graders create their own social studies resource guide. Students strengthen their financial knowledge and creative and organizational skills through interactive learning. The 64-page social studies book features multiple lessons and units of study focusing on economics and money through interactive content. Students record, store, and organize essential information that is useful as a social studies reference guide for test prep. This standards-based notebook teaches social studies through topics and lessons such as US money, our country's tax system, and making thoughtful financial decisions. Students are encouraged to be creative, use color, and work with interactive content to gain a greater understanding of the topics covered, and become active participants in their own learning journey. Designed by leading educators, Mark Twain Media Publishing Company specializes in providing captivating, supplemental books and resources in a wide range of subjects for middle- and upper-grade classroom success.

Key Features :

i : Easy-to-follow format guides you through setting up, creating, and maintaining interactive notebooks in the classroom
ii : Interactive notebooks serve as effective tools for skill retention
iii : Allows students to personalize their learning as they create pages for each unit of study
iv : Perfect for review and test prep
v : 64 pages