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1-10 Counting Owls Classroom Set

Whoooooo's ready to learn new skills? Students get a wise introduction to number recognition, counting, and other early math skills every time they play with the 1–10 Counting Owls Classroom Activity Set. An expanded version of our popular 1–10 Counting Owls Activity Set, this classroom set of math manipulatives has enough owls (and enough learning) for all of your small-group math activity needs. Using the set's 4 branches and 220 owl counters, you can introduce everything from colors and counting to addition and subtraction to patterning and sorting skills and more. Arrange the owls from 1 to 10 on their branches, sort them by color, or count them all up— the 1–10 Counting Owls Classroom Activity Set is versatile enough to support these activities and more. The 1–10 Counting Owls Classroom Activity Set also comes with an expanded classroom guide filled with additional activities and suggestions that turn each math lesson into the opportunity for wise owl fun.

Key Features :

i : INTRODUCE number recognition, counting, and early math skills with these wise little owls!
ii : COUNT the owls, sort by color, or visualize simple math concepts!
iii : EXPANDED set is designed for classroom and small-group play—includes 4 branches and 220 owls!
iv : INCLUDES classroom guide with expanded activity list
v : Ages 3+