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Bouncyband® Student Edition for Elementary School Chairs

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The ORIGINAL Bouncyband for Elementary School Chairs increases focus and academic performance by giving students an outlet for excess energy while working. An independent Clemson University study concluded that students stay on task 10% longer using Bouncybands. Children enjoy bouncing their feet and feeling the tension to relieve their stress and increase their concentration. The patented support pipes on the Bouncyband prevent it from slipping down the desk legs onto the floor, becoming a nuisance like all competitive products. Teachers love how Bouncybands are quiet and don't disturb or distract other students. 

Key Features : 

- Allows students a way to move and release their extra energy, anxiety, and boredom to stay calm and focus during class
- Made from heavy-duty, latex-free, rubber
- Easy to install - no tools required 
- Bouncyband stretches to fit chairs with legs 13"-17" apart 
- Support pipes are 4" long and 1.5" in diameter 
- Safety tested