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{Earth Day Deal} Book - Herb The Vegetarian Dragon

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All the dragons in the forest of Nogard like nothing better than raiding Castle Dark and carrying off princesses to eat - all the dragons, that is, except one. Herb is at his happiest tending his vegetable patch, for Herb is a vegetarian. So it is unfortunate that he is the one captured by the castle's knights in armor. Treacherous Meathook and his dragon cronies will only help Herb if he agrees to eat meat - will he give in to their blackmail. Jules Bass's lighthearted story combines with Debbie Harter's jaunty illustrations to make this a hilarious picture book that also offers young readers plenty of food for thought.

Key Features :

- A multi-award winning social-emotional learning book about responding to bullies with kindness
- 32 pages
- A fun read-aloud packed with whacky visual details and quirky dialog.
- For ages 5-11