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Rami Code

Rami celebrates 40 years of success. Winner of best educational toy of the year awards in multiple international competitions, and still unmatched in terms of playability and for its educational value, this toy helps small children to think creatively and to resolve problems applying logic... one step at a time. The new version, Rami Code, gives children their first experience of "coding", or "programming", that is writing instructions that make an object do what it does. This skill is becoming more and more important in the educational environment because it stimulates children's "computational thinking", the ability to break down a complex problem into single parts which are easier to solve.

Key Features :

Preschool gameRami Code eases Coding learning with the help of the binary systemCoding means programming, that is to write instructions which enable an object to do what it doesIt stimulates creative thinking and problem solving through the application of logicSafely Made in Italy