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  • 9.99

    Plus Series Low Temp Hot Glue Gun

    When looking for craft glue guns buying a full size glue gun that is comfortable and durable is important. Our L-270F is a 40 watt low temp hot glu...

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  • 6.05

    Modeling Dough And Clay Body Parts Accessories

    Great add-ons to personalize dough sculptures. Shoes, eyes, hands, hats and more make projects jump to life. Includes 26 pieces in assorted sizes a...

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  • 9.99

    Pentel Oil Pastels 50 Count

    Brilliant colors apply smoothly and blend easily for shading and color mixing. More vibrant than chalk pastels, oil pastels make your artwork come ...

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  • 11.59

    Silly Scents Washable Markers, Sweet & Stinky

    Crayola Silly Scents Broad Line Markers, Stinky & Sweet Edition are a mashup of fine- and foul-smelling marker inks that kids will love! Kids c...

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  • 8.99

    Mini Twistables Crayons Silly Scents (24 colors)

    Crayola® Silly Scents™ combines fragrant scents in a cool, colorful line of crayons, markers and colored pencils! Each aromatic art tool comes read...

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  • 18.99

    Construction Paper 10 Colors, 9x12, 500 Sheets

    SunWorks® Heavyweight Groundwood Construction Paper provides the best value in school grade construction paper. It is the perfect solution for scho...

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  • 34.99

    Laminator Pouches (100 count)

    These are laminating pouches that work well and assist in the use of classroom laminators. The pouches allow students to protect their work, photos...

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  • 19.99

    Surebonder All Temperature Glue Sticks (2 Bags)

    Surebonder All Temperature Glue Sticks works at either low temperature (230 degrees F) or high temperature (380 degrees F) for everyday gluing proj...

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  • 8.49

    Glitter Set 6 Pk

    Brighten up any arts and craft project with these shimmering glitter flakes. Easy to use: Spread adhesive on any surface and then sprinkle glitter ...

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  • 37.96

    Crayola Ultimate Light Board

    Put your art in lights! With the Crayola Ultimate Light Board you can create amazing art and display it in a big, bold way. Just draw your masterpi...

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  • 7.79

    Paint Sponges Familiar Shapes 10pcs

    Kid-friendly, 3" paint sponges for great art projects. Durable foam is easy to clean and dries quickly. Each pack includes 10 pieces in familiar sh...

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  • 10.99

    Fine Line Markers (24 colors)

    Prang classic markers with a fine tip will out perform any other marker. Reliable performance with a special formula that won't bleed through the p...

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  • 22.99

    Artist Chalk Pastels, 12 colors (3 Boxes)

    Sargent Art® Artist Chalk Pastels feature brilliant pigments and smooth velvety texture. Each square chalk stick measures 2.5" x 0.375". Each set c...

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  • 8.89

    Project Glitter Markers, 6 Count

    From the Crayola Project line, Glitter Markers add an extra dazzling touch to school projects, homemade cards, crafts, and colorful art projects. W...

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  • 4.99

    Watercolor Pencils, 12 Count

    Kids can use these Crayola Watercolor Colored Pencils dry to color and draw or add a few drops of water to create cool watercolor effects. Experime...

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  • 20.30

    Fabulous Family Portrait Stencils

    Age 4+ Compose a portrait of your family! Trace a family grouping and use the specially designed rubbing plate to create patterns for clothing. U...

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  • 89.15

    Big Box Of Art Materials

    The Big Box of Art Materials™ contains so many unique art products that an entire class can create many wonderful and interesting projects. Through...

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  • 25.99

    Sargent Art Colored Pencils 72 Colors

    Sargent Art® Watercolor Pencils are ideal for detailing small areas and creating unique effects with 3.3mm leads. Made with quality pigments and pr...

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  • 25.99

    Prang Oval 16 Water Colors (2 Sets)

    Ever the gold standard in watercolors, Prang® Watercolors offer smoothness, perfect blending, intense pigments and the best tone palette of its kin...

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  • 10.62

    Clay Shop

    Clay Shop is perfect for little learning sculptors. Includes multiple colors of clay, a plastic mat, cookie cutters, and a roller for flattening th...

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  • 2.99

    Short Colored Pencils, Pack of 12

    Crayola® colored pencils are thick, bright and easy to handle — just right for smooth drawing and coloring. Pencils come with name stamped right on...

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  • 19.59

    Crayola All That Glitters

    The All That Glitters Art Case combines everything sparkly that we can fit into a kit. With crayons, a glitter marker, and chalk consumers can enjo...

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  • 20.99

    Crayola Create & Carry Case

    Crayola Create & Carry is the 2-in-1 art storage case and lap desk that contains a variety of cool Crayola art tools! Includes 16 Construction ...

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  • 2.59

    Colored Pencils, 8 Colors

    Colored pencils are an indispensable tool at home and in the classroom, ideal for creating and coloring maps, completing art or science projects, a...

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  • 11.29

    Color'Peps Triangular Colored Pencils, Pack of 48

    Bright and fun colored pencils provide hours of vibrant fun! Maped Color'Peps Triangular Colored Pencils feature a 2.9mm core with pigment that goe...

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  • 41.99

    Multi Craft Weaving Loom

    Youngsters will be thrilled to get creating with this Multi-Craft Weaving Loom. With its easy-to-use adjustable frame, oversize wooden needle, and ...

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  • 36.40

    Paperboard Mask Assortment

    The smooth surface of these paperboard masks makes them ready to paint and decorate for wearing or simply for display. Includes four each of six fu...

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  • 27.49

    Crayola Signature Blend & Shade Colored Pencils (Pack of 24)

    Crayola Signature Blend & Shade Colored Pencils are the perfect tools for your creative coloring projects. The velvety-soft cores provide a col...

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  • 23.99

    Acrylic Paint Brush Assortment, 8 brushes (6 Packs)

    Each pack contains eight different brushes with brightly colored, translucent plastic handles that can be used with watercolor, oil, tempera and ac...

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  • 11.99

    Remo Hand Drum

    This instrument was created specifically for Westco by Remo. It is an 8" Renaissance style hand drum, with a unique graphic and pre-tuned head. Thi...

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  • 12.99

    Handle Sleigh Bell

    Six bells are securely attached to the smooth wooden handle which makes it easy to shake and create your sleigh bell sounds. A light-weight version...

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  • 21.99

    (3 Ea) 4in Triangle

    Pure of tone and clear ring, this 4" aluminum triangle has a non-detachable loop handle allowing easy playing. Detached striker included. Includes ...

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