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  • 23.99

    Acrylic Paint Brush Assortment, 8 brushes (6 Packs)

    Each pack contains eight different brushes with brightly colored, translucent plastic handles that can be used with watercolor, oil, tempera and ac...

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  • 11.99

    Remo Hand Drum

    This instrument was created specifically for Westco by Remo. It is an 8" Renaissance style hand drum, with a unique graphic and pre-tuned head. Thi...

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  • Sold out

    Handle Sleigh Bell

    Six bells are securely attached to the smooth wooden handle which makes it easy to shake and create your sleigh bell sounds. A light-weight version...

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  • 21.99

    (3 Ea) 4in Triangle

    Pure of tone and clear ring, this 4" aluminum triangle has a non-detachable loop handle allowing easy playing. Detached striker included. Includes ...

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